Friends of Lydiard Millicent School

The Committee

Who we are?

We are a small, friendly group of mums at the school. But to be a committee member you can be anybody.. A grandparent, father, friend of the school, village resident.

We welcome all new members and appreciate any fundraising suggestions and new faces.


Committee members

The committee members are as follows:

Chair - Fiona Johnstone
Treasurer - Tracey Potter
Secretary - Victoria Hamidi

Our aim is to continue to support the school and help raise funds so that the children have an enriched learning environment and be able to go on school trips and have visitors come to the school to teach the children exciting things that enhance the topics the children are learning.


What do we do?

We like to help fund raise by baking cakes for the cake sales, ice cream sales, school discos, photo evenings, bingo nights.

Without a school committee, we are unable to give the children these extra treats.

We are approachable and welcome new members so if you can spare a little of your time just now and then to maybe help out at any events or to serve at the cake sale, it is much appreciated.


What is involved if I do become a committee member?

There is no big commitment, if you can make a committee meeting then that's great, it usually is after school and children are welcome. Sometimes it may be at the pub in the evening.

Any requests from teachers will be discussed, and plans for the next event will be organised ie Christmas disco.